Comparing Quizlet and CoboCards

Ali - Februar 10th, 2012
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When looking at both the English and German web-based flashcard programmes two stand out – which have continued to grow and been developed with a high degree of commitment in recent years: Quizlet and our Flashcard Programme CoboCards.

Quizlet is a content-based flashcard programme which came out of the U.S. It is particularly well-suited for vocabulary and definitions. The platform therefore appeals more to school learners. Quizlet is financed by advertising, but it can be switched off for USD 10. The advantage of Quizlet: it’s easy to use.

  • Start learning immediately – no registration required
  • Big and active community
  • Multilingual

In addition, Quizlet offers educational games for a fun way of learning vocabulary.
Flashcard Programme CoboCardsOur flashcard programme works particularly well for students, but professionals and school learners also enjoy using the software. Our business model offers one free, but limited version and one paid, full version. Our flashcard programme, with full functionality, can be used from EUR 3 per month. The advantages of our flashcard programme: it’s simple, intuitive usability

  • Integration of images (recommended by experts), tables, LaTeX
  • Leitner algorithm (eCoach with reminder function)
  • High-quality content in the Pool
  • Collaboration opportunities

Additionally, we also offer a flashcard programme for iPhone and Android mobile phones. A useful addition to the online platform.


Revenue through advertising inevitably leads to platform development that is more in favour of the advertiser. That – and the fact that advertisments interfere with the learning – has always discouraged us from funding CoboCards through advertising. Perhaps a criticism of Quizlet. However, CoboCards could make the platform more open (for instance, to allow users to be able to learn in the Pool without having to register) and the community participation could also be improved. As you can see from the two blogs, Quizlet users respond more actively to blog posts. This means that the platform always contains feedback on completed activities. Our flashcard programme is ultimately a learning tool and not a discussion forum. As long as our users are happy, so are we 🙂