Digital Flashcards vs. Paper Flashcards – Advantages

Ali - Dezember 31st, 2011
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What are the advantages of digital flashcards compared with flashcards made of paper?

Here a list:

  • You can use digital flashcards (or virtual flashcards) online, mobile and after printing them off as paper flashcards.
  • Digital flashcards do not abrade, paper flashcards do.
  • You can edit digital flashcards whenever you want. Paper flashcards offer limited space.
  • Adding images is easier using digital flashcards.
  • Most people are faster in writing with keyboard than with pen and paper. Additionally text can be copied. 
  • Formatting text is easier online and quicker.
  • Online created flashcards help to save nature (less paper) and are cheaper.
  • With CoboCards thousands of flashcards can be transported on the smartphone. Try to do this with paper flashcards.
  • It’s easy to share flashcards and copy the ones of others on CoboCards.
  • Collaboration on CoboCards helps to get important controls and save time.
  • You cannot loose digital flashcards. They are always online.
  • Sorting digital flashcards is easier online.
  • CoboCards reminds you to learn.
  • CoboCards keeps a versioning. Go back to previous versions with ease. .