Exporting/Importing Flashcards in CoboCards

Ali - März 7th, 2012
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As you already know we don’t prevent you from exporting your flashcards to have a backup on your computers. But how is this feature being used?

We provide to export formats: XML and CSV. 73% of all exports were made to generate a XML-file. Pro User export 50-60% more than Free User. They use CoboCards more intensively and have more flashcards to export.

If we look at import statistics almost 67% import a CSV-file. CSV is recommandable for plain text flashcards, where for flashcards containing images, tables or formula XML should be used.

Whatever format you use to backup flashcards, don’t forget that we are doing a backup of the whole system every day. In the last 4 years we never had an incident with lost content.

Hopefully this will not change in future!

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