Finally! New iPhone Flashcard App Is Alive!

Ali - Mai 24th, 2012
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After having published our Android Flashcard App we proudly present our new iPhone Flashcards App (Version 1.0.3)

The best anticipated news: as of now, our iPhone Flashcard App is for FREE!

IMPROTANT: Please uninstall current version first before installing new version!

Screenshot App

And now details of the features that are provided in this version.

General Features of the Flashcard App:

Changing Font Size

Upon your request in the wishlist, you can now enlarge the font size of the cards using: Menu →  Settings.

Auto-Sync the iPhone Flashcard App with the Server

The automatic sync in the end of a learning session at an existing internet connection is another request that has been implemented in this version. As a result, the learning levels and other changes (formatting, new Flashcards… etc.) will be synced.

Creating an Account

Registering in the iPhone Flashcard App is now easy-peasy. Your password is sent to your valid email address. Please log out and log in again with your password to insure correct synchronisation.

Change Answer/Question

You can now decide if you want to see the question or the answer first.

Activating the Full Functionality

Upgradding to Pro is now also possible directly within the Flashcard App. Renewing your membership as well.

Design Adjustments

We have improved the look a little bit. Hope you like it.
Unlimited Functionality of the Flashcard App (Paid Version):

Displaying/ Creating Folders

As of now, and upon your request, folders will appear in the iPhone Flashcard App.

Creating Flashcard Sets

Another new and requested feature is the ability to create flashcard sets. Now available for Pro users.

Creating/ Deleting Cards

This feature was also on the wishlist, so we have implemented it. Now you can create lists and tables with a click.

Editing/ Formatting Cards

This was the most difficult feature to implement; but we did it. LaTeX formulas cannot be edited on mobile devices.  Uploading a picture is also not possible.

Searching for Cards

Requested by Markus on the wishlist, this feature is now introduced to our iPhone  Flashcard App users. You can now enter text, tap the magnifying glass and select from the search results. You can then navigate (browse) through the flashcard set as well.


As requested, we have also introduced learning by following our e-coach’s guidelines. This option can be activated for each flashcard set.

Screenshot App

Just give it a try and tell us your opinion!

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