What Is The E-Coach (Leitner Algorithm)?

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Let us explain what our eCoach is all about.

In short

Leitner‘s five-box principle and the reminder function is at the core of our innovative and effective eCoach (Leitner algorithm) learning software.

Image explaining leitner algorithm of CoboCards

What is the reason behind using the Leitner algorithm?

Studies by the Fraunhofer Institut show that people with active learning control or an active drive to learn are both more likely – as well as more motivated – to learn.

What is Leitner‘s five-box principle?

Sebastian Leitner was the first one to use this type of learning. Here, the content which is to be learnt is initially located in the first box. When a question is correctly answered, the card is moved to the second box. However, if it is incorrectly answered, it will go back to the start. When all cards are in the last box, the knowledge has become part of long-term memory and learners can be sure to pass the test.

What is the eCoach (Leitner algorithm)?

The Leitner algorithm is an eCoach developed by us that calculates and presents the flash cards to be repeated. There is therefore no need for learners who are using the Leitner algorithm to worry about whether and which cards they need to learn – they can simply work according to the eCoach.

What is the reminder function?

If a learning period, which has been calculated by the Leitner algorithm, is exceeded, at which point there is a risk that what has been learnt goes back into short-term memory (because it is not yet in the last box), the eCoach reminder function will bring this to the attention of the learner.
Following its introduction, the Leitner algorithm has become one of the most popular functions and is now available online as well on iPhone and Android mobile phones.

Smartphone Apps 2.0 Finalised, But…

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In principle our flashcard apps for iPhone and Android (Version 2.0) are finalised. As you wished we implemented the feature to sync both – levels and added/edited flashcards – at the same time. However, syncing process takes a while then. We asked ourselves – and some users via our Facebook fanpage – if you would rather prefer flashcard apps with a quicker sync process or with a quick launch of the apps and work on this issue afterwards (in release 2.1).

Study on the go with flashcard apps - CoboCards

In accordance with users we decided not to go live and re-build the sync process. As you know we always aim high quality solutions. Our flashcard apps need to meet your and our high quality standards.

As always we do our best to provide a solution as quick as possible.

Comparing Quizlet and CoboCards

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When looking at both the English and German web-based flashcard programmes two stand out – which have continued to grow and been developed with a high degree of commitment in recent years: Quizlet and our Flashcard Programme CoboCards.

Quizlet is a content-based flashcard programme which came out of the U.S. It is particularly well-suited for vocabulary and definitions. The platform therefore appeals more to school learners. Quizlet is financed by advertising, but it can be switched off for USD 10. The advantage of Quizlet: it’s easy to use.

  • Start learning immediately – no registration required
  • Big and active community
  • Multilingual

In addition, Quizlet offers educational games for a fun way of learning vocabulary.
Flashcard Programme CoboCardsOur flashcard programme works particularly well for students, but professionals and school learners also enjoy using the software. Our business model offers one free, but limited version and one paid, full version. Our flashcard programme, with full functionality, can be used from EUR 3 per month. The advantages of our flashcard programme: it’s simple, intuitive usability

  • Integration of images (recommended by experts), tables, LaTeX
  • Leitner algorithm (eCoach with reminder function)
  • High-quality content in the Pool
  • Collaboration opportunities

Additionally, we also offer a flashcard programme for iPhone and Android mobile phones. A useful addition to the online platform.


Revenue through advertising inevitably leads to platform development that is more in favour of the advertiser. That – and the fact that advertisments interfere with the learning – has always discouraged us from funding CoboCards through advertising. Perhaps a criticism of Quizlet. However, CoboCards could make the platform more open (for instance, to allow users to be able to learn in the Pool without having to register) and the community participation could also be improved. As you can see from the two blogs, Quizlet users respond more actively to blog posts. This means that the platform always contains feedback on completed activities. Our flashcard programme is ultimately a learning tool and not a discussion forum. As long as our users are happy, so are we 🙂

Feedback: Well-Designed Flashcard App – CoboCards

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I always appreciate if user takes the time to drop us a few lines. No matter if he/she criticizes us or praises our Flashcard App as in this case.

I stumpled upon the Flashcard App of your competitors. It is not that well-designed, complicated to use, unfriendly, colour-choice is awful. Seems like made by engineers without eyes for the details.

Additionally it is more expensive than your Flashcard App.

CoboCards Flashcards App Screenshot

Please kepp the good work and continue offering this Flashcard App!

Learning on Facebook – Does This Make Sense?

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From time to time we think about new features and useful add-ons for our flashcards app. Once we thought about developing a facebook app in order to enable users to use CoboCards directly on Facebook. Later we rejected that out of hand. Facebook is an entertainment platform and not a learning platform. Learning is a serious business. Noone should disturb you while learning.

Then we thought about a vocab game. In a given period of time participants should answer to 15 vocabulary cards from different categories (e.g. French A2, GRE etc). We never designed this idea. The reason is that people hardly interact on Facebook. Ok, they like photos, comment and watch videos. But that’s it. There was always a risk of developing something, putting a lot of effort in it and noone uses it later.

Digital Flashcards vs. Paper Flashcards – Advantages

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What are the advantages of digital flashcards compared with flashcards made of paper?

Here a list:

  • You can use digital flashcards (or virtual flashcards) online, mobile and after printing them off as paper flashcards.
  • Digital flashcards do not abrade, paper flashcards do.
  • You can edit digital flashcards whenever you want. Paper flashcards offer limited space.
  • Adding images is easier using digital flashcards.
  • Most people are faster in writing with keyboard than with pen and paper. Additionally text can be copied. 
  • Formatting text is easier online and quicker.
  • Online created flashcards help to save nature (less paper) and are cheaper.
  • With CoboCards thousands of flashcards can be transported on the smartphone. Try to do this with paper flashcards.
  • It’s easy to share flashcards and copy the ones of others on CoboCards.
  • Collaboration on CoboCards helps to get important controls and save time.
  • You cannot loose digital flashcards. They are always online.
  • Sorting digital flashcards is easier online.
  • CoboCards reminds you to learn.
  • CoboCards keeps a versioning. Go back to previous versions with ease. .

Most Powerful Flashcard App in German Speaking Countries!

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CoboCards has got now more than 50.000 registered users and they have created  about 5.000.000 flashcards. This is really amazing! CoboCards is now the most powerful flashcard app in German speaking countries.


Actually we wanted to reach these figures one year ago. But some circumstances made us delay this goal. For instance, when we started CoboCards we didn’t think about offering mobile flashcards apps for IOS and Android. As we react on user wishes we started to work on mobile apps. Of course, we couldn’t do that much marketing. However, we are now happy to announce this and will do our best to reamin the best German based flashcard app.

What Happens If Pro-Membership Ends?

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We received quite a few requests about what happens with flashcards after Pro membership ends. Here’s the answer which you can also find in our FAQ.

If you intend to downgrade and have more than 2 sets in your account, you will see this screen:

2 options:

  1. You archive all sets until you have 2. This is an option for those you want to keep their content on CoboCards (and maybe use later again). Be aware: All learn levels get lost! Re-activating sets is possilble with Pro membership again.
  2. You export and delete sets. If you no further need your sets, you can backup and delete. Be aware: CSV-export does not support images or formats. Re-import is possible with Pro membership again.

As you see we neither force you to leave CoboCards nor we keep your content „arrested“.

However, we would prefer you to extend Pro membership and benefit from unlimited sets and features like Leitner-algorithm 🙂

Win CoboCards Flashcards App Account for 1 Year!

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You can win one of six 1-year-CoboCards-Pro accounts in cooperation with King Keks.

Although their page is in Gemran, I think Non-Germans will also be able to participate. As far as we know you first have to „Like“ their Facebook fanpage and then click on a button appearing after that.

Furthermore, every participant can get a voucher code to use for a Pro account.

Don’t waste too much time and click the link below. The whole thing will end on 10th of December.

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CoboCards Flashcards on Google+

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If you rather prefer to follow CoboCards on Google+ rather on Twitter or Facebook, here’s the possibility.

Just click on the icon below and add us to one of the circles. We’ll add you back and promise to communicate in English, too!

CoboCards auf G+