Smartphone Apps 2.0 Finalised, But…

Ali - Februar 13th, 2012
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In principle our flashcard apps for iPhone and Android (Version 2.0) are finalised. As you wished we implemented the feature to sync both – levels and added/edited flashcards – at the same time. However, syncing process takes a while then. We asked ourselves – and some users via our Facebook fanpage – if you would rather prefer flashcard apps with a quicker sync process or with a quick launch of the apps and work on this issue afterwards (in release 2.1).

Study on the go with flashcard apps - CoboCards

In accordance with users we decided not to go live and re-build the sync process. As you know we always aim high quality solutions. Our flashcard apps need to meet your and our high quality standards.

As always we do our best to provide a solution as quick as possible.