What Happens If Pro-Membership Ends?

Ali - Dezember 7th, 2011

We received quite a few requests about what happens with flashcards after Pro membership ends. Here’s the answer which you can also find in our FAQ.

If you intend to downgrade and have more than 2 sets in your account, you will see this screen:

2 options:

  1. You archive all sets until you have 2. This is an option for those you want to keep their content on CoboCards (and maybe use later again). Be aware: All learn levels get lost! Re-activating sets is possilble with Pro membership again.
  2. You export and delete sets. If you no further need your sets, you can backup and delete. Be aware: CSV-export does not support images or formats. Re-import is possible with Pro membership again.

As you see we neither force you to leave CoboCards nor we keep your content „arrested“.

However, we would prefer you to extend Pro membership and benefit from unlimited sets and features like Leitner-algorithm 🙂