What Is The E-Coach (Leitner Algorithm)?

Ali - Februar 29th, 2012
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Let us explain what our eCoach is all about.

In short

Leitner‘s five-box principle and the reminder function is at the core of our innovative and effective eCoach (Leitner algorithm) learning software.

Image explaining leitner algorithm of CoboCards

What is the reason behind using the Leitner algorithm?

Studies by the Fraunhofer Institut show that people with active learning control or an active drive to learn are both more likely – as well as more motivated – to learn.

What is Leitner‘s five-box principle?

Sebastian Leitner was the first one to use this type of learning. Here, the content which is to be learnt is initially located in the first box. When a question is correctly answered, the card is moved to the second box. However, if it is incorrectly answered, it will go back to the start. When all cards are in the last box, the knowledge has become part of long-term memory and learners can be sure to pass the test.

What is the eCoach (Leitner algorithm)?

The Leitner algorithm is an eCoach developed by us that calculates and presents the flash cards to be repeated. There is therefore no need for learners who are using the Leitner algorithm to worry about whether and which cards they need to learn – they can simply work according to the eCoach.

What is the reminder function?

If a learning period, which has been calculated by the Leitner algorithm, is exceeded, at which point there is a risk that what has been learnt goes back into short-term memory (because it is not yet in the last box), the eCoach reminder function will bring this to the attention of the learner.
Following its introduction, the Leitner algorithm has become one of the most popular functions and is now available online as well on iPhone and Android mobile phones.

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