Write About CoboCards, Get 6 Months Pro For Free!

Ali - März 17th, 2012
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If you write an article about CoboCards, you get 6 months Pro for free.

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  1. The article has at least 250 words
  2. 1 image
  3. 2 links to CoboCards.
  4. Text written by yourself

To write about what?

About our Webapp, our Smartphone Apps, the Flashcard Pool or any other CoboCards related topic.


You can use the Presse Area (where you can find logos, images and screenshots), our videos (if you like to embed them) or posts from our blog.


Choose 2 of these:

  • Flashcard(s) App–> http://www.cobocards.com
  • Laarn flashcards online–> http://www.cobocards.com
  • Android/ iPhone Flashcard App –> http://www.cobocards.com/smartphone
  • Flashcard Pool –> http://www.cobocards.com/pool

How to get free months?

Just send the URL of the article via your e-mail address used on CoboCards and you’ll get them after a quick review.  Pro membership will not be renewed automatically!

This offer ends end of April 2012.

Questions? Mail us: info@cobocards.com

And read this: What happens after Pro expiration?