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1. General

What is CoboCards and how does it help me?

CoboCards is an abbreviation for Collaboration Cards and helps you easily create flashcards (alone or in a team) to study for whatever you want. CoboCards is the most powerful flashcard trainer in Germany and the only one in the world with an intelligent eCoach and Reminder System.

How much does CoboCards cost?

CoboCards costs from 3 € per months onwards (daily transferred into US-Dollar) and you can purchase a 1-, 3- or 6-months package. The contract will not be extended automatically & no hidden costs. We offer group discounts.

Our iPhone/iPod Touch App and Android App are free of charge.

How can I pay within CoboCards?

With Paypal. If you dont have an account yet, you can pay as guest as well. If you have an account in Germany you can also pay with direct debit. Credit card payment is coming soon.

To purchase the mobile version of CoboCards you need a credit card.

Why don’t you use ads to finance CoboCards?

Our business model is not to finance CoboCards with ads, because then we would evolve it according to advertisers wishes and not according ot learners wishes. Additionally ads disturb while learning.

Do I get a confirmation email after registration?

Yes, you do. But you can immediately start using CoboCards without clicking the link in the confirmation email.

Why do I not get any emails from CoboCards?

If you don’t get emails while using the pinboard functionality or being invited to a card set, just try it again. The reason could be that your email provider works with Greylisting to avoid spam. By sending a second invitation the server of your provider recognises our email address and accepts it. Please also check your spam folder!

How do I stay informed about changes at CoboCards?

All news will be published in our Blog (s. link in menu). You can also subscribe to our RSS-Feed there.

In my opinion something is missing in CoboCards.

Just check the Wish list to see if your idea is already posted there. If yes, add a pink point behind the wish. If not, just add your wish. Everyone can edit the Wiki.

Will CoboCards give my email address to third parties?

Definitively not. CoboCards will never give personal details to third parties.

Is my content on CoboCards ensure against data loss?

Yes, absolutely. For our backups we use a separate backup-environment, to keep all data safe, even if the CoboCards-Server burns out :)

What happens with flashcard sets after my membership ends?

a) Archive flashcard sets and reactive as member again b) Export and delete flashcard sets and import as member again or. c) Prolongate your membership

Something is wrong in the Internet Explorer 6, what can I do?

Please notice that we don't support anymore the Internet Explorer 6. See our blog entry for more details: IE6 support will be stopped

Do you have an API?

Yes, check out

1.1 Tax-deductible

Are the fees for CoboCards tax-deductible?

At least in Germany, if you are a student or the usage of CoboCards is work-related. Please check with tax consultants in your own country if there is a similar regulation.

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2. Login

Help, I cannot login although my details are correct!

This happens sometimes with Internet Explorer. Please shut down all windows and delete the “Cookies” under “Internet options”. After that you should be able to login. Be aware: You have to accept “Cookies” to use CoboCards.

Or JavaScript is not active in MS Internet Explorer. Do the following: 1. Go to "Extras" in the menu. 2. Choose "Internet options". 3. Click on "Security". 4. Click on "Adjust security level" or similar. 5. Scroll down to "Scripting". 6. Choose "Activate" under "Active Scripting"

Why can I not login to the forum?

You need a separate login for the Forum. It is easy to register. Just follow the red arrow. Because we use third-party software, the code must be changed so that the forum login and the CoboCards login are identical. Such a change comes with some disadvantages, so we have chosen not to support it. We ask for your understanding.

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3. Settings

Which LaTeX-packages can I use?

You can use the following LaTeX-packages at the moment:

  • {color}
  • {amsmath}
  • {amssymb}
  • {bm}
  • [curve,frame,line,arrow,matrix]{xy}
  • {chemarrow}
  • [adapted]{rsphrase}
  • [version=3]{mhchem}

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4. Edit

How can I add bullet points in my text?


Please check our video-tutorials

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5. Friends

How can I see who else of my team is online?

You will see a green dot in the “Friends” tab and the number of friends being online in brackets if any of your friends is online.

What ist the difference between team and friends?

Friends is a list of all your friends in CoboCards. The team depends on the flashcard set, i.e. only the friends who work on a common card set.

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6. Team

How will I be informed about changes of a set we work on together?

You can use the RSS-Feed for each card set. Alternatively you can check the updates under each flashcard set on the “Home” page.

What is the difference between „Publishing and giving someone a link“ and „Inviting friends to a card set?

If you publish a flashcard set and send the link to friends, they will get a „copy“ of the same set. If you invite friends to a set, you all will work on one set. Every change will effect the cards of each team member.

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7. Print

How can I print double sided?

It depends on the printer so you have to test here a little. For testing and finding the right solution you could do it like that:

  • Chose 8 flashcards, chose Double-Sided printing - You'll get two PDFs with with 2 pages each
  • Print out the CoboCards_XXXXXXX_Front.pdf
  • Turn the paper, put it back in the printer and print on the back of the first printout the CoboCards_XXXXXXX_Back.pdf
  • If the things did not come out right print the first CoboCards_Front.pdf again
  • Then reverse the order of the printing for the Backside. Should be in your print settings menu

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8. Flashcard sets

Can I give my flashcards to other people?

You can publish your flashcards. Go to "Home" and click on Publish in each card set. If you choose “Friends” only friends will be able to import your flashcards. If you choose “Pool” everyone can import them.

Where can I find free flashcards?

Flashcards can be found int the Pool.

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9. Study

What can I do with the RSS-Feed?

If you use the RSS-Feed, you will be informed whenever your team changes something in the set. If you go to “Last activity” you will see what exactly was done.

What is the Leitner algorithm?

The Leitner system is a method to use flashcards. You can find more information on Wikipedia. Our algorithm saves the status of each flashcard and calculates the amount of flashcards you have to study in a given time period.

So when are flashcards taken into account?

Not known = Always
Half known = 12 hours later
Level 1 = 1 day later
Level 2 = 3 days later
Level 3 = 10 days later
Level 4 = 30 days later\\
Additionally the Leitner E-Mail Reminder will remind you via E-Mail to study your flashcards.

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10. Pool

I can't find my recently published flashcard set in the pool.

The reason is that the pool is updated every 15 minutes. If you shouldn’t find your set after 15 minutes, please contact us!

I can't find a flashcard set, although I know it has existed.

The reason might be that the person who has published the flashcards has withdrawn the publication or CoboCards had to remove it due to copyright reasons.

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