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The following information explains when you violate intellectual property rights while publishing flashcards in the Pool. Because we are in Germany we are only familiar with German law. Hence, this page is based on Everything is subject to correction, so please feel free to add or correct.

How do I violate intellectual property rights?

  • The content on your flashcards is marked with „Copyright“ and you have not explicitly asked for permission to use and publish them.
  • The content of your flashcards is mainly based on citation. You have just written a few things with own words.
  • You use and publish content of people still living and you have not asked them for permission
  • You use private pictures of others who are not historical personalities or just people staying around by coincidence. You can also violate personal rights in this case.
  • You use screenshots, images, icons or logos withoug permission of the owner.

In principle: If you have doubts, just imagine there are property rights!

How do I not violate intellectual property rights?

  • You use your own words while writing your flashcards.
  • You use content where the author has given you the permission to use and publish (e.g. Creative Commons)
  • You use wording of law or other official/authoritative content.
  • You use content of an author who has died more then 70 years ago (e.g. Shakespeare).
  • You use content which is marked as „open content) (e.g. Creative Commons).
  • You use citation in an appropriate way and mark them as citations.
  • You use pictures of historical persons (e.g. the prime minister), which don’t violate his personal right (e.g. private pictures). You should always ask for permission, even for pictures.
  • You use pictures of people who are on this picture by coincidence (e.g. taking a picture of the Tower Bridge with tourists around)
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