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PSY 496 Week 3 Assignment Develop Professional Resumes
PSY 496 Week 3 Assignment Develop Professional Resumes

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Develop Professional Re´sume´s. In order to demonstrate an awareness of psychological career alternatives in a community setting, you will develop re´sume´s for each of the professional experts chosen for your presentation in the Week Three discussion. Include relevant academic and professional experience that highlights their careers, appropriate skills, and expertise. Brief job descriptions identifying the major duties associated with each relevant work experience should also be included in the re´sume´. The job description format should be based on the Professional Experience section in the “Sample Resume for a Counseling Psychologist.” Each re´sume´ should be two to three pages in length. You may use the resources available on the following web pages:

• • •

Ashford University Career Services(http:
American Psychological Association PsyCareers(

Sample resume for a counselling psychologist

You may use additional sources for career information as long as they are credible. An example of a credible source for this information would include The Chronicle of Higher Education. To begin constructing your re´sume´s, utilize the Resume Builder tool provided by Ashford University. This will allow you to create drafts of your re´sume´s so that you may revise and refine your assignments before submitting them
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