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Let them teach you?
The world is changing rapidly and it is easy to feel like you’re being left behind.  Technology is moving ahead in leaps and bounds and our grandchildren seem to be able to adapt easily to every new gadget that comes on the market.  While you may not be interested or able to purchase the latest ipad or get your TV connected to custom essay help, enlisting the help of your grandchild to help you set up your internet connection, program your digital photo frame or help you navigate your new iphone will give you an opportunity to connect and they will enjoy the role reversal of being your teacher for the day!
Be there
One of the most important things you can do to keep a positive relationship with your grandchild is provide them with a neutral sounding board for issues they may not want to talk to their parents about. Often their parents may be wrapped up with their own pressures and busyness, and may not have realized their child needs some support. That’s where you can step in and not only help your grandchild, but also relieve a bit of the stress their parents may be under. A small amount of effort can pay huge dividends.
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