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If you decide to work for a serious organisation or enter a prestigious educational institution, you will need not only a CV but also a motivational essay. This supplement is mandatory and should include an explanation of why you will be the best candidate write my essay, as well as reflect your aspirations and motivations that made you apply.

Be concise and persuasive. This document should generate interest in you and stand out among other candidates.

If your story to move towards the essay stage started at school, we recommend that you indicate this in this letter by adding an interesting story about your achievements.

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How to write a motivational essay

There are certain requirements for writing such a document. Remember that the text should be short, easy to read and emotionally charged. Below are the points that must be followed:

Divide the text into paragraphs of 3-4 sentences.
Each paragraph should contain a variety of information about you.
At the beginning, explain how you found out about the job vacancy.
Next, describe your experience in this field.
State the reasons why you want to take this particular position.
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Motivational essay (example)

Next, we will show you a sample to help you make your own choices:

Motivational essay

I came across information on your company's website about a vacancy for an HR manager. I hope that my experience in this field will be useful for your company.

My current experience in staff selection and HR management, as well as my ability to identify the best potential of employees and assign them responsibility for the area they are genetically predisposed to, allowed me to achieve significant success in my career as a HR Manager.

I started my recruitment career in school. As a class leader, I had to select candidates for competitions and school development programmes, and my team always occupied the respectable first places. After school, I realised that recruitment was an interesting activity and I wanted to develop in this direction, so the choice of university was not a coincidence.

I received my basic training in free rhetorical analysis essay.
Having carefully studied the requirements you set for your candidate and the conditions of his/her duties, I expect that the skills and experience I have gained will enable your company to reach new heights and productivity, and I will continue my professional and financial growth.

A motivational essay should be concise, clear, truthful and logical in presentation. The information you provide will be reviewed and repeated several times during interviews regarding your employment. In any case, the ability to compose a motivational essay well is only half the battle. It is important to match what you describe there.

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Oberthema: Education
Thema: Education
Veröffentlicht: 24.06.2021
Tags: write, essay, paper
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