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How to learn to write essays yourself (5 Karten)

Sag Danke
Where is the balance?
Any teacher of the humanities who has ever observed sadness in the eyes of a child meditating on an empty sheet of paper will agree with me that more or less free creation can become a problem area for students. Where is the balance between "I am an artist, as I see it"? How can you write my essay?
Instead of a conclusion
Yes, this approach requires much more effort than just reading the instructions. However, if your goal is not to turn every essay into a dry and hateful exam for children, this model will undoubtedly justify your efforts.
If motivation is a problem
If motivation is a problem, use the text from the picture below (no, not worth it) or go back to point two.
However, behind this question, there may be a much deeper problem - there are no words to express a thought, and this is not only about foreign languages. Be sure to provide students with links to heterogeneous texts on a similar topic, on the material of which the children can understand the context of the problem.
Another assignment expert important point is the clear articulation of the criteria by which you will evaluate the essay. By giving the children detailed and established criteria for evaluating an essay, you encourage them to re-read and edit it, thereby developing verbal reflection in them.
Why write?
We know why to write, but children may not know, and it is unlikely that a lecture on the formation of speech abilities through written expression will bring them closer to understanding. What to do?
First of all, visualize the persuasion process. For example, invite them to compare their own spontaneous oral statements and subsequent write essay for me. Experiments in the lessons of literature will be!
In the long run, children can compare their essays and see progress over time just as clearly. Statistics also exist.
It would not be superfluous to invite the children to observe themselves and compare the concentrated state in which they are when they write something, and the "scattered" state during the conversation. Ask them: How could a habit of concentration and coherence improve their speaking skills?
How to learn to write essays yourself?
All examination topics are adequate to reality. These are the questions that we face in everyday life, and the arguments “I don’t think about it”, “This topic does not concern me”, “This is a difficult topic” are not accepted. First of all, you must understand - it doesn't work out on your own, so you have to pay for essay writing.
Education and work, food and health, family and relationships between people, parenting, ecology and environmental protection, crime, shopping and advertising, technology and the Internet, transport, and travel ...
Don't these topics concern you? We discuss them, read about them, and discuss them daily!
Another thing is that you do not think about how to clearly express your thoughts, do not lay out your thoughts on points, and do not analyze the causes, effects, advantages, and disadvantages. This has to be learned.
Autor: ericveller
Oberthema: essay writing service
Thema: education
Schule / Uni: Columbia University
Ort: New York City
Veröffentlicht: 13.03.2021
Tags: education, essay writing service
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