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Alle Oberthemen / Mobile Technologies / Hardware and Software

Mobile Technology (Hardware and Software) (7 Karten)

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Smart Phone
A device that offers both cell phone capabilities (placing and recieving calls, text messaging) and computer features (sending/recieving email, Internet access, data storage, etc...).  A smart phone is considered to be in the category of hardware.  In a K-12 setting, a smart phone could be used for any number of things including, accessing homework, corresponding with teachers via email, accessing readings through an LMS, teachers notifying students via push notifications about changes in classes etc...
Hardware; Personal computer for portable use.  A laptop has a screen, attached to a keyboard with speakers and a track pad (used in place of a mouse) and there is a rechargable battery which allows the latop to be taken from place to place.  The idea is to simulate a desktop computer that can be taken anywhere.  There are many uses in a K-12 education system for a laptop, one of them being that a personal computer could help students manage their files and folders, students could access the internet just like on an iPad.  Perhaps right now, the advantages of a laptop over an iPad is that there are potentially more programs that can be used with laptops than with iPads or tablets. 
Hardware, also known as a tablet computer.  Mobile version of a personal computer.  The mouse on a traditional computer is replaced with the users finger and a touch screen; the screens on these devices are much larger than those on a touch phone.  First portable electronic tablets appeared at the end of the 20th century.  Many of these devices have aplications that can be used to further productivity.  This can be used in a k-12 setting as a personal portable computer that can be taken anywhere and be used for anything from surfind the internet to creating drawings to reading text books. 
Software; Students can post videos, drawings, images and more and other students can comment on their work.  This would be good in a classroom setting, because not only does this software have an application in the iTunes store, but it also encourages collaboration and community among students.  Collective learning allows for higher, more complex thought due to the exchange of ideas from one student to another. 
StoryKit App
Software that allows the student to take traditional fairytales and recreate it from their own perspective.  This would be especially good for students in elementary school because they can not only show their creativity, but it would also test their reading and writting skills.  The fact that this application is accessable on the iPad would be a great accessory if iPads were the tool of choice in a school. 
Journal Jar
Software (Application) that gives students  writing prompt when the device they are accessed on is shaken.  This would be great for students in K-12, especially those in elementary school, because they can practice their writting and creativity with this app.  I would have students write based on the prompts given and then evaluate their writting.  This would really improve their writting skills while allowing the student to be as creatie as they'd like.  The fact that it is an application means that it would be compatable with an iPad or another similar tablet hahrdware. 
MindBlowing App for Idevices
Software (application) which allows students to create a mind map with videoclips and images.  This application would be great for students to get their ideas together for projects, papers, or any sort of brainstorming activity.  I can see this being effective for students in all grades: K-12.
Autor: Christina Panizzon
Oberthema: Mobile Technologies
Thema: Hardware and Software
Schule / Uni: University of Alberta
Ort: Edmonton
Veröffentlicht: 23.11.2012
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