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Tips on Writing Shakespeare Coursework
If you decided to write a Shakespeare coursework, you will need to work really hard. Shakespeare is the greatest poet and dramatist of Renaissance who left a rich heritage that consists of poems, sonnets, tragedies, comedies, and plays. All this you will have to review or, at least, mention in your Shakespeare coursework.

Before writing a Shakespeare coursework, you need to read and analyze a lot of his works. You should understand what the author wanted to tell and you should be inspired by his work. You should also make research and read numerous works devoted to Shakespeare written by other authors before you start writing your own Shakespeare courseworks.

Here are some coursework tips for students on what can be included into your Shakespeare coursework:

Definitely you should start with his biography. It will help understand what the effect of various events on his works was.
Shakespeare coursework should include the analysis of his comedies, tragedies, sonnets, poems. Keep in mind that this should be done in separate chapters.
Also, in your Shakespeare courseworks you may separately examine some of the most popular works, such as Romeo and Juliette, Hamlet, Othello, King Lear and some others.
In your Shakespeare courseworks you can tell about the influence that he had on the works of other poets and writers.
Of course, if you write about all that in your Shakespeare coursework, it can turn out into a dissertation. That is why you can write about one thing; for instance, analyze a particular poem or play. In your Shakespeare coursework you can also explore not only his works, but maybe his life in whole. You can tell about his family life, his work in theater or some other occupation besides poetry and dramaturgy.
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