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Little things can mean a lot
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Over the holidays, I made a point of sending a holiday card to every one of my clients. I took the time to handwrite the message and even personally addressed each envelope. While I could have had cards made with pre-printed messages, and created labels through a mail merge, I didn't rely on technology to make my job faster or easier.
Why? Because I wanted every client that I wrote a resume or career letter for to know that they are important to me. Interestingly, many of them emailed to thank me and reciprocate holiday wishes. Some even took the time to send a card back to me!
What's the relevance of this you might ask? Well, this simple, small gesture had a very positive outcome. So for those of you who are starting out the new year with a job search underway, please take the time to send a thank you letter after every interview you have. Even if you only have time to dash off a quick email note, it can make a difference.
Think about this -- in a recent survey, 85% of human resource professionals and hiring managers indicated that candidates who took the time to send a thank you, stood a far better chance in the hiring process over candidates who didn't bother, provided that they otherwise met the job qualifications.
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Author: alicebolingeryn
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Published: 15.04.2019




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