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All main topics / Automotive / technology / Scania Streamline 2013
Salon in Scania Streamline 2013 / part 2
If you are still not tired of my story, then for the most patient I have a couple more surprises in store from Scania! To reduce the risks of running out of electricity and the inability to start the starter, the company has developed a new system with two sets of batteries. It is mainly intended for high power consumption applications, but it is also capable of guaranteeing trouble-free operation in any area of transportation. Instead of the traditional two 12 V batteries connected in series, four different types of maintenance-free batteries are installed.

Two starter batteries type AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) are designed to provide instant inrush current. Their charge is maintained at the maximum level and is used exclusively for starting the engine. And two gels that can withstand deep discharge cycles. They are used to power the rest of the truck's systems: lights, heating systems, etc., and are completely separate from the starter circuit. The new set is more compact than the standard set of 2 batteries and can be installed in a standard compartment.

For the Streamline tractors, for the first time in automotive practice, Scania has proposed hiding the AdBlue tanks inside the frame. The tanks are installed in an inconspicuous place in the left frame side member, leaving space for an additional fuel tank or other equipment. The variety of sizes and shapes allows you to choose the most suitable option.
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Author: ThomasStokes
Main topic: Automotive
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Published: 28.07.2021




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