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A New Blogger, A New Year and A New Venture
As of today, I'm proud to admit that I final joined the world of web blogs! My knowledge of Internet technology continues to grow, and I'm fascinated by the all of the tools and resources available for so many of us who rely on use of computers and the Internet everyday.
While we're in the throes of crazy winter weather here in New England (18 degrees one day and 60+ the next), I am already thinking about summer. Sure, the weather has it's appeal, but I am figuring out how I can take my business on the road with me. I'll be traveling to the Arctic Circle in July and my faithful laptop will be with me. So, my big task will be to determine how I can still access the Internet and my email while out in the far reaches of the north. I'll be working out the logistics of all of this in the next few months and it should prove interesting.
In the meantime, it's back to work helping clients start out the new year with a fresh and renewed focus on their careers. In between writing the resumes, I'll have to fit in time for the blogs and keep you all posted on the Arctic Circle venture!
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Author: alicebolingeryn
Main topic: Resume advice
Topic: Resume
School / Univ.: Seattle Central Community College
City: Seattle
Published: 15.04.2019




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