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Bilingual Education Essays
Bilingual education essays provide students the scope to learn and use two languages with the same fluency. Some even sound like a native in both. Bilingualism is best learned by children, as it is found that they learn the fastest when exposed to languages early on in life. Students who try to pick up language study late in their school career would find it a bit difficult to pick up. They can reach a high standard of learning, but most seem to pick up a foreign accent. The best part of learning languages in childhood is that it does not test your ability. Children can always pick up a language quickly.    


A hotly-debated topic over the past few years, people believe that is has become necessary to introduce English as an additional language as part of bilingual education. Students get the platform and system to complete English coursework. Some others are of the opinion that bilingual education generates disparity among students, and those not good at English would be at a disadvantage when it comes education. It might create a inferiority complex among the non-English speaking children.    


Besides study programs, there are other reasons why bilingual education essays play an important role in the development of bilingualism. For examples, in a country like Spain where English would be a second language, it would be a major change. English would have to be blended within the Spanish culture. It needs to be promoted as a medium of communication for tourists, businesses, and at the diplomatic level. It would then encourage students to take up the language in school and write custom essays.    
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