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PSY 496 Week 5 Assignment Final Paper
PSY 496 Week 5 Assignment Final Paper

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For your Final Project, you will create a website that showcases the skills you have gained throughout your psychology program. Your website will consist of the following elements: a homepage, a literature review, expert opinions, re´sume´s, a case study, and a list of pertinent websites. Each of these sections will be its own tab on the website. When complete, you may choose to use this website after graduation as a means to showcase your abilities to potential employers and/or graduate schools.

To begin, review the elements required for each section of your website below.

Next, visit the website to familiarize yourself with this technology. Scroll down on the webpage and click the pink arrow to view a quick tour video of the website platform. Note: This site is best viewed using either the Chrome or Firefox web browsers. Refer to the Quick-Start Guide for step-by-step instructions on setting up your website.

If you experience any technical difficulties, please visit the Wix Support Center. The technical support offered through your Student Portal will not be able to assist you with the Wix website. When you are ready to create your website, click the Start Now button to register and begin building. If you are unable to utilize the Wix platform to complete this assignment and you have already watched the tutorial, read through the Quick-Start Guide, and contacted the Wix Support Center, please contact your instructor.
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