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All main topics / A Review of the Inconvenient Marriage of Charlotte Beck / Review / A Review of the Inconvenient Marriage of Charlotte Beck
Returning to Colorado
Upon returning to Colorado, Charlotte's father makes a deal with her, she can go to college provided she agrees to marry Alex Hambly when she graduates. She will also be given a place in the family business. Alex for his part of the bargain is given controlling interest in the Beck Mining.

Charlotte spends a blissful four years at school never thinking of the bargain she made. Upon graduation she returns home and is immediately faced with wedding plans. She asks her father when she will take her spot in his business and he tells her she will be working in Grandfather's branch of the business in London once she is married to Viscount Alex Hambly.

Charlotte believes she and Alex have entered into a marriage of convenience as they agreed upon, Alex quickly realizes he is in love with his wild young wife.and must find a way to win her love and convince her to stay married to him. Circumstances seem to want lead to the desires of one of their hearts.
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Author: JosephKirby
Main topic: A Review of the Inconvenient Marriage of Charlotte Beck
Topic: Review
School / Univ.: Florida University
City: Boca Raton, FL
Published: 08.04.2021




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