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Art History Term Paper Topic Ideas
Race Issues in Journalism: A Stylistic Analysis of The Marvelous Mouth by Tom Wolfe

In this paper we have analyzed the essay "The Marvelous Mouth" by Tom Wolfe through the racial issues surrounding Cassius Clay's rise in the boxing world. By showing the non-bias to Wolfe's own white upper class identity, he supports and acknowledges Clay's comical "showbiz" antics to raise awareness of the cultural importance of African Americans in a hegemonic white society. Through a racially tolerant and critical journalistic style in Wolfe's writing, race issues were an important part in the struggle for Civil Rights in the sixties.


In this paper topic to do my essay for me a writer discusses Realism in nineteenth century painting as part of a broader movement which began in literature, became associated with painting, and then broadened to include theater and later, film. In all its forms it was a rejection of the predominantly Classical vocabulary of art, and also of the Romanticism which prevailed in the 1800's. Artists wanted to paint the world as they saw it, which included warts-and-all portraits, and subjects that included peasants working the fields. However, Realist art and politics were inextricably bound up, first in the person of Courbet who founded the Realism movement and later, in the Socialist Realism paintings of Russia.

Reclining Girl and A Lady at her Toilet (La toilette)

This is a paper comparing the portraits of Boucher's painting.

Red Canna by Georgia O'Keefe: An Analysis.

This paper is an examination and analysis of the painting Red Canna by Georgia O'Keefe.

Rembrandt van Rijn.

This undergraduate paper researches the life of "Rembrandt Van Rijn" from the 17th century.


This is a paper on Renaissance, the era from 1350 through 1700. In this paper topic to write my paper a writer discusses at the historical events that occurred during this period.

Representations of Barbarians in Classical Roman Sculpture

Choosing this paper topics when writing my papers I will examine the representation of barbarians in Roman art, and particularly sculpture. It will be argued that the primary mode of representation of barbarians in Roman art occurred within the iconography of empire, where the barbarians represented the Roman "other" whose existence as defeated figures reflects on the power and grandeur of Rome. However, it will be seen that there exists significant variations in the depiction of barbarians even within this iconography code. The primary variation, it will be argued, occurs between the sculpture of the imperial center and that of the periphery. While in Rome the obsession with realism governed the artistic representation of barbarians for centuries, on the frontiers of the empire barbarians were often represented by "barbarian" artists, with significant departures from the dominant mode of realism.

Risen Christ

This is a paper that studies the appeal of the risen Christ in the sculptures drawing of Michelangelo and the wood work of Timothy Bergren.

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Term Paper Topics
Term Paper Topics
Term Paper Topics

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