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Cultural heritage
The most important aspect is that cultural heritage of people would have to be maintained. It would be possible if many languages are offered to students in schools along with the medium of instruction. For example, Spanish could be introduced in schools in the UK where there is a concentration of ethnic communities. It would encourage students to take up bilingual studies with the added advantage of it being spoken in their homes. Their confidence levels would be very high, and would help later in life when they have to relocate or use in it an assignment.    


Cost involved in introducing bilingualism in schools is quite high. Schools would need to invest in infrastructure and personnel. Imagine a school in the UK posting an advertisement for a teacher and candidates writing bilingual education essays in response, both in French. It would mean that there exists a vibrant community of French-speaking people who would be able to respond to the advertisement. It would also mean that government-backed initiatives would be in place to promote the French language. Legislation would have to back any initiative to introduce bilingualism in schools.    


It is important for people to know several languages, but the avenues open to promote such initiatives should expand. Technology can come to our aid. The internet has provided the means to break the barriers of distance and provide essay guides. Study by distance learning would be the medium on instruction in the future. Online simulated classrooms would present ample scope to learn languages and write effective bilingual language essays.    
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