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The main body of the essay and introduction.
The main body of the essay states, explains or describes your topic. Each main idea you write in a diagram or outline will become a separate section in the body of your essay. Each paragraph will have the same basic structure. If you're an online essay writer, start by writing one of your main ideas as an introductory sentence. Then write each of your supporting ideas in sentence format, but leave three or four lines between each dot to go back and give detailed examples to support your position. Fill in these spaces with relative information that will help tie smaller ideas together. Now that you have written the general structure of your essay, you should write an introduction. The introduction should grab the reader's attention and show you exactly what your essay is focusing on. Start with the information that grabs the reader's attention 100%. You can use shocking information, dialogue, story, quote. Whichever method you choose, make sure it is linked to your thesis, which will be included as the last sentence of your introduction.
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