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All main topics / A Review of the Inconvenient Marriage of Charlotte Beck / Review / A Review of the Inconvenient Marriage of Charlotte Beck
Characters of The Inconvenient Marriage of Charlotte Beck
Charlotte Beck is a young woman that young women of any era could relate to. She is independent and knows what she wants. She strives for her independence and gives paper writing services to get what she wants.

Alex Hambly is a great male protagonist. He has the strength necessary to balance Charlotte's strength but also has a gentle side as well. He also knows what he wants and strives to find success in his desires as well.

The supporting characters lend themselves to the story. Charlotte's parents are indulgent, but also want her to be the best that she can be. Alex's brother, Martin, forces Alex into many situations he doesn't wish to be in but in doing so Alex becomes a better man for it. The addition of real historical characters such as Buffalo Bill Cody gives the story authenticity

that wouldn't be possible without these characters.

This is a wonderful conclusion to the Women of the West Series. It is completely a stand-alone story so one need not have read the previous two books to understand the storyline. The compelling nature of the story of Charlotte Beck may make the reader desire to know more about her past and lead the reader to read the other two books in the series.
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Author: JosephKirby
Main topic: A Review of the Inconvenient Marriage of Charlotte Beck
Topic: Review
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Published: 08.04.2021




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