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An undergraduate student thesis might be a large assignment that a student has to create as part of an academic course. In such a case, the undergraduate student thesis might be similar to a report. For an undergraduate student thesis, the student should research a particular subject in depth in order to create the document. This paper would usually account for the majority of a semester grade. A student may also have to create a thesis for each course that he or she is taking.

A graduate student thesis has its own definition and set of requirements. In most cases, a graduate thesis is one document that a student works on for a large portion of the graduate program, one of ours was on the stormwater management basics 3 pretty interesting topic to discuss and write about. This thesis requires a huge amount of research and may even be ground-breaking for a particular industry. Students will then have to defend their student theses in front of a panel of judges that are familiar with the subject matter in the thesis. These panel members may ask the student questions related to his or her research or to the thesis itself. This sort of graduate thesis is also often called a graduate school reference project.
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