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What happens during the application process?
First, students submit their initial materials for consideration. To do this, they must meet the minimum requirements discussed above. From all of those applicants who get their materials in by the October 31st deadline, 2,200 are chosen to be semifinalists. Around the middle of November these semifinalists receive notification and are asked to submit additional materials, such as several essays, letters of recommendation, school transcripts, and another application. These materials must all be submitted by the middle of January. The scholarship committee goes over these materials and by the middle of February whittles the semifinalists down to 250 finalists.
Those finalists must then go to Atlanta, Georgia to be interviewed by a committee. That committee then chooses 50 of the finalists to be named National Scholars. The remaining 200 students are named Regional Scholars. While the trip to Atlanta may not be easy for all students to make, all finalists do receive some funding for their college education.
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