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All main topics / Medicine / Anatomy / Anatomy 6 (Skull), Anatomy 9 (scalp only)
what are the four hallmarks of the skin on the scalp?
connective tissue 4 ?
aponeurotic layer (or called epicranial aponeurosis) 2 ?what does this layer cover?
pericranium 3?
thin (exept occipital region)
manz sebacceous glands and hair follicles
good arterial and venous supply
good lympathatic drainage

highlz vasularised
many cutaneous nerves

tendinous sheet
provides attachement for occipitofrontalis, superior auricular
covers calvaria between occipitalis posterior, superior auricular laterally and anteriorlly of the forntal belly of the occipitalis (frontalis)

dense layer of connective tissue
forms periosteum of calvaria
firmly attached

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Main topic: Medicine
Topic: Anatomy
Published: 23.03.2010




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