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All main topics / Automotive / technology / Scania Streamline 2013
Engine 490 HP Euro 6 is not the strongest in the lineup, but even it made it possible to feel confident behind the wheel, the car confidently and smoothly accelerated. But it is not enough to give acceleration to the coupling, the main thing is to stop it in time, there are no problems with this either. The braking distance was even shorter than that of a conventional hitch. The power of the engine brake (256 kW at 2400 rpm) was enough to pull the road train loaded downhill almost to a full stop without resorting to the service brakes. Of course, for complete happiness, you need to experience all the delights of winter driving, drive to the base, the second, the third. Perhaps then my optimism will diminish, but for now I am thinking in which direction to move and where to start, so that the 25-meter couplings go along our roads.
Tags: trucks
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Author: ThomasStokes
Main topic: Automotive
Topic: technology
School / Univ.: business
City: tacoma
Published: 28.07.2021




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