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How to Clean a Toilet
How to clean the toilet quickly so that it is snow-white? The answer to this question is sought by cleaning professionals and ordinary housewives. A clean toilet bowl forms an opinion about the attitude towards cleanliness in an office, apartment, public institution. What's the best way to clean your toilet properly?

In order to clean the toilet correctly, first of all, you need to understand that the main task that must be solved is to prevent the spread of viruses and microbes and, as a result, an unpleasant odor, destruction of rust and urinary calculus on the surface of the equipment.

The main reasons that lead to pollution of the toilet and the formation of deposits:
increased exploitation of plumbing equipment;
untimely flushing of waste products;
hard running water;
improper operation of equipment and minor surface damage;
irregular care of the product.

To avoid the manifestation of unpleasant and hazardous to health phenomena, it is necessary to clean from urinary stones, limescale deposits, rust at least once every seven to ten days. Depending on the pollution and condition of the toilet, it is recommended to decide on the product that you plan to use. It can be an effective chemical agent - “Domestos” or “Bref” gel, which contains toxic strong ingredients, or you can use the products that are in every home for cleaning - soda powder, vinegar essence and even Coca-Cola!

It is necessary to select cleaning agents taking into account the characteristics of the material from which the plumbing equipment is made and the specifics of the room. You should be aware that traditionally plumbing equipment is made using special glazes with various coatings and they can be damaged using abrasive products and hard metal scouring pads and brushes.

The LifeCleanToday company,, is ready to help you in cleaning the bathroom and save your time from choosing the right products for cleaning this room.

The main steps for cleaning the toilet:
Preparatory stage - we free the bathroom from things and unnecessary items: personal hygiene products, towels, paper, trays with fillers for animals, etc. We prepare cleaning agents and protective equipment - glasses, gloves, respirators, brushes, washcloths, rags, a special cleaning brush, cleaning solutions and disinfectants and fragrances.

The main stage:
wash the toilet outside, starting with the drain pipes, glass, outer part and ending with the lid;
we clean the toilet bowl from the inside - remove the dirt from under the rim, then from the flat part of the toilet bowl and the hole;
We clean the toilet lid - spray the cleaning agent on the toilet seat and rim, not forgetting the fastening system.
Final stage: remove excess liquid and remaining drops of cleaning solutions, wash and collect brushes and used tools, lay out consumable items for personal hygiene, place fragrance and ventilate the room

Advice: after washing the toilet, the soft sponges should be thrown away, and the rags should be washed using the maximum temperature regime of the washing technique. It is best to use disposable paper towels and napkins to clean the toilet, but not everyone can afford it.

Important! It must be remembered that chemical cleaning and disinfecting agents are toxic to others, so store them out of the reach of children and pets.

If you do not want to use chemicals, then you can effectively clean the toilet with vinegar essence and baking soda powder.

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