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Have you ever wished you could dance in the rain in the comfort of your own home? Well now you can with this cool augmented reality app. Weather-Cam allows you to capture photos, videos, or choose an image from your photo library and add weather effects that you just wouldn't be able to pull off in real life. Choose from snow, rain, hail, and lighting to add that weather effect to your photos or while creating videos. After you've created your weather effect of it snowing in your house, you then have the option to share to all your friends throughout Facebook & Twitter or even save it directly to your camera roll.

Overall I found mobile app promotion of Weather-Cam to be a very unique and fun app to toy around with to create photos and videos with some weather effect creativity. A few things that would be nice to see in future updates to Weather-Cam would be more weather options to choose from such as, leaves blowing in the wind, tsunami's, tornadoes, and possibly a neat sand storm. Another minor feature that would be a great addition would be to allow users to share their Weather-Cam creations to Instagram & Pinterest as well. Weather-Cam is currently available for your iPhone devices over on the App Store for $0.99, so make sure to click the iTunes link below and download it today.
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Author: freddywong
Main topic: Computer
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Published: 08.05.2019




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