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Macbook versus HP
Amusement theme parks versus water parks
Children below 2 months should be kept inside versus taken out regularly
People at restaurants prefer eating fast food versus western food
Which technology is growing more virtual reality versus augmented reality
Who make good yearly average software engineers versus software architect
Which areas are better to live urban areas or rural areas
Friends when alone prefer watching family movies versus adult movies
Students should hang out during daytime versus nighttime
Which dance style is better salsa versus hip hop
Difference between software quality assurance versus software quality assurance engineer
The future of the generation is at risk due to extensive use of social media  versus playing games
Vacations should be on hill stations or near the beaches.
Life is better in big cities versus small villages
Sports are better versus sports cars are better
Autumn season versus spring season
4th generation of computers versus 5th generation of computers
Will we have flying cars by 2050 versus smart vehicles
Houses should be built in summers versus in winters
Students should complete their high school in majors computers versus biology
Students should be sent to public schools versus private schools.
African Americans should be given complete rights in Americans versus basic rights of immigrants
Students face issues in deciding their career versus passing their exams
Laptop should have a good processor versus a good user interface

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