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Why write?
We know why to write, but children may not know, and it is unlikely that a lecture on the formation of speech abilities through written expression will bring them closer to understanding. What to do?
First of all, visualize the persuasion process. For example, invite them to compare their own spontaneous oral statements and subsequent write essay for me. Experiments in the lessons of literature will be!
In the long run, children can compare their essays and see progress over time just as clearly. Statistics also exist.
It would not be superfluous to invite the children to observe themselves and compare the concentrated state in which they are when they write something, and the "scattered" state during the conversation. Ask them: How could a habit of concentration and coherence improve their speaking skills?
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Author: ericveller
Main topic: essay writing service
Topic: education
School / Univ.: Columbia University
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Published: 13.03.2021




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