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All main topics / Automotive / technology / Scania Streamline 2013
Salon in Scania Streamline 2013 / part 3
No matter how companies strive to automate the process of driving a truck, until recently the key role is still played by a human driver. Traditionally, Scania is doing everything it can to optimize the business, namely live communication with Scania Fleet Management. Scania Communicator is installed as standard in most countries and provides all machine data. For better fleet management, powerful tools are presented to ensure uninterrupted communication between the driver and the office, as well as between the office and the service centre.

Driving a 60-ton road train with a robotic gearbox is not so difficult, I can tell you. At least on the asphalt, even plentifully watered with rain. The movement, the geometry of the turn, everything is at the level of a standard road train, well, maybe you have to take a little more when entering a sharp turn. There is no doubt that with a certain amount of experience you will get used to the car and the size will be at the subconscious level.

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Author: ThomasStokes
Main topic: Automotive
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City: tacoma
Published: 28.07.2021




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