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All main topics / Automotive / technology / Scania Streamline 2013
Salon in Scania Streamline 2013

The package includes a coffee machine, a rear storage compartment with a refrigerator for 19 liters in G and 27 liters in R, curtains, a folding table, external storage boxes in the side walls of the cab (in G - on one side, in R - on two) ... There is a special door trim, high storage shelves above the windshield and new block headlights - fog and high beam with halogen lamps.

The equipment includes an electric sunroof and a key fob with remote control of external lights. Carriers will also receive a Medium music system on G - and Premium for R-cabins, a dashboard with soft surfaces and decorative films.

The radiator grille for the G-series is painted in the same colour as the cab. All of the above equipment is included in the basic package. Compared to the previous line of long-haul tractors, the rise in price will be only about 3%, and then due to the introduction of a utilization fee. This has its own charm, the cars will be of foreign assembly, hotly adored by our customer.

Scania has developed a new range of premium seats that combine ease of use, comfort and appearance with traditional Scania ergonomics. Recaro took part in the development.

A new anti-rollback system for drum brakes is available for 6x4, 8x4 and 8x8 trucks equipped with drum brakes. Activated by a dedicated switch on the panel and lasts for 3 seconds after releasing the brake pedal. With it, the driver will have enough time to get under way, allowing you to avoid dangerous situations even on very steep sections.

A new pneumatic suspension level control system has been developed. Two modes of operation are possible: basic and fast, which is suitable for frequent use. Another new feature is load management when it is distributed between the three axles of the rear bogie. This is a two-step process: first, the load is transferred to the non-driving auxiliary rear axle, and then distributed between the axles of the rear bogie to provide additional traction.
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