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The Three R’s: Research, Research, Research!
Jumpstarting your job search and becoming more resourceful in a tight labor market is paramount to job search success. Getting your foot in the door to land a job is a matter of research, targeting companies and industries, then developing action plans that will lead you to decision makers. For example, if you want to be administrative assistant  resume writing service it's best way. Bob Tank, executive vice president and senior consultant of Lee Hecht Harrison, an international outplacement organization with offices in Boca Raton said, “the targeting exercise is one of the most powerful job search techniques available to management and senior executives”. He recalls working with two financial services candidates who landed excellent positions several weeks ago by using that very strategy.

Getting your foot in the right door is as important component as finding the position.

Gayle Landen, executive director of Communities in Schools in West Palm Beach, assessed her career path as an organizational development consultant who traveled constantly. Landen said, “I wanted to give up the travel and wanted to give back to the community from which I have received so much pleasure from volunteer involvement. That meant I had to make a career change.” After assessing her strengths and skills, Landen redefined herself and targeted the not for profit sector. “I spent hours doing research and talking to people who had knowledge in the field,” she said. “That led to being told of an opening for then Executive Director of Communities in Schools. “I did more research on the agency, its mission, its statewide and national programs, and then, contacted former board members for their insights and experiences with CIS. When I was selected for an interview, I continued my research. Not only did I have information about CIS, but I also had a list of questions related to their needs and future plans.” Landen was selected for the position from a field of more than 100 applicants, many of whom had more experience in the not for profit sector Her targeting, research and preparation paid off.

Kate Wendelton, author of Targeting the Job You Want, Third Edition and Founder of the Five O’Clock Club in New York City writes, “After you begin research on the internet, read the relevant data, contact people at in the company explaining you are seeking information.” Finding and making use of associations and organizations where people from your target area are members is a source of important information and new contacts. She also says, “Having access to this list can get you valuable information and advice. Research today is easy because of the vast amount of information on the internet. Click onto home pages of companies of your target list. You will find links to career opportunities, links to company executives, strategic plans, potential growth or expansion of the company. Additionally you will often find links on their website to other valuable information.”

“Define a problem and provide the solution, a vital strategy to getting your foot in the door, Bob Tank said. “A letter to the right person, even though they have no announced vacancies, can lead to unexpected success. Share your unique achievements that will be of interest and will generate ideas as you talk. The higher level person in the company you reach, the greater the probability they may be ready to hear new ideas. And, just as important, that person can be a decision maker.” he said.

Career coaches agree that once you have selected the target companies, focus on a prioritized list of companies and spend a major portion of each day in activities related to your goals. Looking for a job is a job.
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