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All main topics / Mobile Technologies / Hardware and Software / Mobile Technology (Hardware and Software)
Hardware; Personal computer for portable use.  A laptop has a screen, attached to a keyboard with speakers and a track pad (used in place of a mouse) and there is a rechargable battery which allows the latop to be taken from place to place.  The idea is to simulate a desktop computer that can be taken anywhere.  There are many uses in a K-12 education system for a laptop, one of them being that a personal computer could help students manage their files and folders, students could access the internet just like on an iPad.  Perhaps right now, the advantages of a laptop over an iPad is that there are potentially more programs that can be used with laptops than with iPads or tablets. 
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Author: Christina Panizzon
Main topic: Mobile Technologies
Topic: Hardware and Software
School / Univ.: University of Alberta
City: Edmonton
Published: 23.11.2012




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