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The essay expresses
Essay (fr. Essai "attempt, trial, essay", from the Latin exagium "weighing") - a literary genre of prose work of small volume and free composition.

The essay expresses the individual impressions and considerations of the author on a particular subject or subject and does not claim to be an exhaustive interpretation.

It is based on reflections on something seen, read or experienced personally. Personal views are expressed - worldview, thoughts, feelings, ideas, moral (ethical, civic, etc.) values ​​are covered. OR use essay writing services reddit. - it is easy. Above all, independence and originality, paradoxical opinions and assessments are valued. In the foreground is the personality of the writer.


The composition is arbitrary, the sequence of presentation is caused by the logic of reflection. Argumentation and persuasiveness are required. Parallels are drawn in the text, analogies are chosen, associations are used. Reflection is combined with an emotional assessment of events or phenomena.


Style - artistic or journalistic. Emotionality, expressiveness, vivid imagery are achieved through the use of metaphors, comparisons, allegorical images, symbols.


Spoken intonation (immediacy, ease of expression). Conversational vocabulary is allowed, which creates the impression of a "live conversation" with the reader.

Use of incomplete sentences, interrogative and exclamatory constructions, rhetorical appeals, questions, statements.

The main requirement is the individuality of the author's style.


The title is not directly dependent on the content, it can explain what was the impetus for the author's thoughts, convey the feelings, mood of the author and so on.

Essay writing algorithm

1) problem statement;

2) reflection on the problem (ideas, examples that illustrate them);

3) essay planning (structure definition);

4) writing an essay;

5) checking and editing work;

6) preparation of the presentation;

7) presentation of the essay.
How to write an essay on a literary text?
How to write an essay on a literary text?

1. Find the problem raised by the author in the text.


It is good if you find a sentence in the text where it was formulated by the author. If not, you need to do it yourself. It is better to formulate the problem in the form of a question that you ask to the read text. If the whole text is the answer to this question, then you have found the problem. The problem (or, alternatively, the main question) should be mentioned in the first paragraph of the essay.

For example, “In this passage the author tells about the defenders of Kyiv. How does an ordinary person become a hero? This is the main question raised by the author in this text. " Or: “In this story, the author writes about his school friend. Why is the same man capable of a beautiful deed and meanness? This is the problem raised by the author in the text. "
2. Determine the position of the author of the text in relation to this problem.



What does the author do - tell, regret, argue, persuade, ironize, ridicule? Do you agree or disagree with the author's position? Why?


3. Show an example from the literature or from personal life, where such a problem occurred and how it was solved.


If you do not remember any such example, then create your own. Prove that this example convincingly expresses your agreement (disagreement) with the position of the author on this issue. You can mention or make a few examples.

Do not forget that all actions in the story are performed not by the author, but by a literary character, the hero of the story. Even if the story is told in the first person, it is not the language of the author, but the narrator. The position of the author may not coincide with the position of the narrator on whose behalf the story is being told.

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