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How to write an essay?
For a lot of people, writing essays isn’t something that comes easy to them. I for one have a background in computer science, so writing essays, of quality isn’t something that is in my skill set. In time, I managed to get the skills needed to write proper essays or homework help in english so below are some of the tips on essay writing that I collected in time.

Pick a topic that is interesting
Picking a topic that is interesting is one of the important parts of the scholarship essay. With some scholarships, you get a topic that is predefined, but ideally you should tailor the topic to address an issue out of the ones mentioned below. Usually your chances of getting a scholarship will grow quite a bit when you focus on one of these topics.

Focus on large accomplishments
The essay’s reader should be impressed by it, so you should include one of your big accomplishments in it, so they’re impressed and think you deserve it. Do remember that an accomplishment for you might not mean the same thing for another person. Stuffing two dozen pieces of candy in your mouth might be something unforgettable for you, but some people might not find it as interesting or noteworthy.

Talk about an event when you did something special
People that read scholarship essays enjoy seeing that you have initiative. This would actually mean that you saw some sort of need and managed to fill it. Being a class president, helping kids in need, starting a club, all are good examples of taking initiative. In general, if you do this sort of thing you will have a better shot at succeeding in life, so try to use this for your own advantage.
Talk about obstacles you managed to overcame
Everyone likes a story where you overcame some sort of adversity, so if you got such a story, you can use it in your essay.
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How much is the Coca Cola scholarship worth?
The amount you receive from the scholarship depends on whether you are a National or a Regional scholar. Each regional scholar receives $10,000 while each national scholar gets $20,000.
You can learn more about the Coca Cola scholarship by visiting their web site or by talking to your school counselor. As you might imagine, awards those size tend to make for an intense competition. However, your chances of being one of the 250 finalists isn’t bad and trying might be worth the effort.
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The Coca Cola Scholarship Program: Big Awards for Bright Student
Many corporations offer scholarships to college students, but the Coca Cola scholarship is one of the most impressive in the United States. While the application process can be a bit demanding, students can earn a significant amount of money for their college tuition. Below are some common questions asked about the program and the answers so you can decide for yourself if applying makes sense.
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Who can receive a Coca Cola scholarship?
For starters, the program is not open to the children or grandchildren of Coca Cola employees. Otherwise, applicants must be high school seniors in the United States who are planning to graduate the same year they apply. Additionally, the student must be planning to go to an accredited college and must have at least a 3.0 grade point average when they completed their junior year of high school.
When can I apply?
Because of the extensive application process, Coca Cola scholarship applicants can submit their materials between August 1st and October 31st.
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What happens during the application process?
First, students submit their initial materials for consideration. To do this, they must meet the minimum requirements discussed above. From all of those applicants who get their materials in by the October 31st deadline, 2,200 are chosen to be semifinalists. Around the middle of November these semifinalists receive notification and are asked to submit additional materials, such as several essays, letters of recommendation, school transcripts, and another application. These materials must all be submitted by the middle of January. The scholarship committee goes over these materials and by the middle of February whittles the semifinalists down to 250 finalists.
Those finalists must then go to Atlanta, Georgia to be interviewed by a committee. That committee then chooses 50 of the finalists to be named National Scholars. The remaining 200 students are named Regional Scholars. While the trip to Atlanta may not be easy for all students to make, all finalists do receive some funding for their college education.
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