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7 Types of University Professors (7 Cards)

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1. The one who has been around since the dawn of time.
He joined the staff more than 20 years ago, and no one knows exactly how old he is, but what is certain is that he follows his rhythm. He makes lessons that can last from 30 minutes to 2 hours. Depending on his mood, he sends projects and assignments without deadlines, often referring to the decline of education or the great changes it has undergone since he started studying until now.
2. The campus star
These professors are recognized on and off-campus for their work and are eminent in their field of study. It seems that every book, reading, or lecture s always dictated or written by them. They are the closest persons to a celebrity in the academic world. When you don't see their face in the classroom or the University's halls, you will surely see them on TV at some international conference.
3. Sensitive
These educators often endear themselves to you because you notice their effort to try to get the students' attention and be their friend. They want to sound interesting, want questions about the explanations they give, and seem to be saddened by the lack of attention or when they catch a student playing with their cell phone.
4. The radical
This type of teacher openly expresses all his political opinions and criticizes the system without care. They have experienced all the most popular political movements: communism, socialism, libertarianism. They will be part of all student movements, leading the march with the microphone, and they adorn the walls of their offices with images of Karl Marx, Fidel Castro, and Lenin.
5. The rookie
Clean-cut and pleasant face, excited to start lessons, clearly enthusiastic and nervous: this is what you usually see when you meet a novice teacher. With his doctorate fresh out of the oven, he immediately threw himself into teaching and enlightening all his students. It means that their enthusiasm is endless, and they will deliver highly detailed seminars and lectures, with severe questioning of each student, lessons in which their speed of speech resembles the speed of light. They will give you lots of additional literature and even show you an argumentative essay example. They will cover the entire course syllabus, from the first capital letter to the full stop.
6. The researcher
This professor is at the University for one reason only: research. He works on an innovation destined to revolutionize our lives, something so important that depriving him of his time in the laboratory should be considered a crime against humanity. In general, this figure usually leaves the lectures in the hands of the other professors of the chair.
7. The cool one
A laid-back, bearded, and somewhat disheveled professor who knows about the latest trends, produces clear, modern examples in class. You feel extremely identified with the references and terms he uses. He is noticeably younger than the rest of the staff but just as intelligent and learned. He has spent his summer backpacking through Europe, crossed the Amazon in a boat, and will always be more exciting and cool than you will ever be.
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