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Design is usually broken down into two: form and function, and this article is no different. Design isn’t black magic and interactive and visual design is something that every grab my essay review developer and designer should be well acquainted with. Some of the topics I will cover in this crash course include mental models, natural mappings, metaphors, mode errors, visual hierarchies, typography and gestalt principles.
Applying this knowledge can have a drastic effect on the quality of work. Lets dive into it, shall we?
Respect Design
Often, engineers don’t have a lot of respect for design. This is largely due to the fact that its not controllable, and we all know that you can’t control people. In addition, it is not often repeatable. Its sort of like the difference between how machines and the brain works. There is no part of the machine that is strange, but there is a lot about the brain that we still don’t know yet. However, we know enough to design with predictable results.
When approaching design, we will try to approach humans as machines. Don’t worry, you are still a special snowflake, but in this instance, just view yourself as a uniform snow processing machine.
There are 3 aspects of a great interface:
•Prevent ERRORS
•Make Users FAST
Self Describing
The first thing to understand when self describing is what is the notion of the paperhelpwriting reviews Mental Model. This is a simulation of reality, inside of your mind. To understand this concept, imagine you are at an event with hundreds of listeners. How many instances of that event are happening? Obviously, one, but on the other side, everyone is simulating the event inside their own head. So everyone is building their mental models of what is going on around them.
What is important about this is that, when dealing with interface design, you’re not necessarily designing reality as much as you’re designing the simulation. You are designing how people are going to think about your application, and how they’re going to interpret it, and if they’re going to understand things.
If you don’t blame the manual, you blame the users if it doesn’t work.
If you were to place a group of geniuses in a room with knowledge of computers, applications, and stuff, they would not know what this means:
Even if you asked them what it does, they would not have a clue. Their success in determining its function in this instance has nothing to do with their IQ.
The lesson? Success has to do with access to information, not intelligence.
When designing, start by encapsulating your mind and forgetting the things that you know about your interface and try to look at it with fresh eyes. If you can approach a design with fresh eyes and try to have all the assumptions fall away that you have already built up, you are able to do the user test quickly right then. Regularly doing that is going to improve your applications which is one of the most important things you need to learn as a designer. Since you already know the underlying mechanism you need to let that fall away as well and just think about the interface.
Beyond the user interface is the mental model. How are users simulating this in their heads? What information are they getting out of it? In other words, let that implementation fade away.
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