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Essay writing ideas (5 Cards)

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essay writing tips
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To start an effective and high-quality process of writing an essay, you must have a good command of the topic, know its subtleties and features. It would be nice for a beginner to get to know your topic well. For example, if you write a gender equality essay then you need to find as much information as possible on this topic. In-depth knowledge contributes to the disclosure of issues without borrowing and literary theft. Sources of information today can be not only a book or other print publication but the Internet and diverse electronic databases. The studies will be an excellent basis for a correct and interesting presentation of the issues addressed.

Subject to review

If the topic is investigated, and the information is vast and accurate, then you can proceed to the stage of analysis of the available evidence. The author is required to accurately formulate the theses, as well as to fix the arguments and ideas that are to be considered in the work. For the writing to be productive, it is worthwhile to rely on examples of similar works by other authors, where both the strengths and weaknesses of the presentation are obvious. Acquaintance and comparison will allow you to find the best option for writing your essay.


For rational thoughts to be based on labor, it is necessary to compose several thematic questions and give them a detailed answer. Preferably in writing.

Clarity of wording

Before you start writing, you need to isolate and emphasize the leading and colorful thesis. It will be necessary to develop it, forming the main idea of ​​the essay. Thanks to this idea, the reader will understand the motives that prompted the author to choose a specific topic and its disclosure.

Work with a draft
In small sketches of the draft plan, it is necessary to outline the general features of the essay. Formulating brief sentences, it will be possible to fully express the main idea of ​​each part. Alternatively, bulleted lists will help write the full version of the essay.

The beginning of work on this form of the composition should be an introduction that meets the characteristics of catchiness and attractiveness. Such an approach should become the basis for the reader to continue “acquaintance” with the “work”.


In the presence of the main thesis, the structure of paragraphs should be arranged in a circle. It is recommended to start the next part with the main sentence, in which the essence should be indicated. Then it is necessary to state existing thoughts, to prove and convince with the help of weighty arguments. The form of writing an essay should be the desire to directly appeal to each reader personally. Experts recommend, for greater persuasiveness and fidelity to emotional perception, to accompany the process of writing the work with the pronunciation of the text.

The conclusion should contain a clear, concise and informative answer, revealing the essence of the thoughts that the author sought to convey to readers.

Proofreading and Adjustment

Editing involves the process of proofreading and the proper design of borrowings, which can be represented in the form of thoughts, ideas or phrases. Their proper presentation will be a guarantee that the author will not be able to convict of plagiarism.

Give completeness

In the final proofreading of an essay, it is necessary to pay attention to inaccuracies and grammatical, syntactic, and lexical errors. It is advisable to read the work several times, giving the text the appearance of a finished and perfect literary work.

Among the most important features that determine the specificity of the essay genre, experts call the headline. It can be completely independent of the theme of the composition. It should be understood that the title can be represented as a spectacular start to subsequent thoughts. Alternatively, you can reflect in the heading more or less of the main content, offering readers the intrigue of the subsequent narrative.


Expert assessments convince that the essay should have a bright author's position and an individual style of presentation should be traced.

Not like everyone

For an essay to be written in an interesting and impressive inspirational way, it is recommended to consider the unexpectedness of conclusions and developments, the use of special forms of expressions used.

As part of formal requirements

If we talk about this aspect of the essay, then only the title is mandatory. As for the structure, it can be completely arbitrary. It is noteworthy that arguments may precede the thesis. In conclusion, you can use the formulation of the problem.

Only honest look and innovation

The essay should reflect the truth inherent in the presentation of a truly close, familiar and interesting. Do not retell someone else's thoughts and climb into the wilds. It is better to take a simple topic, and propose its consideration under the prism of your vision, perhaps very different from the generally accepted one.

To learn how to write an essay correctly, you need to make a lot of effort and knowledge. But if someone believes that they will be wasted, then he is very mistaken. An essay, as a form of literary creativity, offers the opportunity to learn to beautifully, correctly and accurately state soap, to defend one's view of problems and things.
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