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How to finish an essay
No matter how boring a movie is, one often watches it to the end with the goal of finding out what the ending will be? When working on an essay, many people overlook readers' curiosity and reduce the conclusion to a boring recap of what has already been said in other parts of the essay. At the same time, even a not very strong work with a graceful ending will have the proper effect on the reader. So how do you end an essay to get the highest grade for it?

Read your essay carefully and write out the main ideas of each paragraph or subsection. Run through them with your eyes and leave only the ones that you think are the most significant to your speedypaper review . Offering the reader all the conclusions of each small fragment of the text, you will only bore him with it, making the work protracted.

Think about how to write your conclusions so as not to repeat what was said in the introduction and the main body of the work. Perhaps you rephrase them, or present them from a slightly different perspective. If you're having trouble formulating your first thought, start with any boilerplate phrase that will focus the reader's attention on the conclusion of your paper. For example, it could be the phrases, "Summarizing...", "Thus...".
Write down the most significant conclusions, reread them and try to make them more vivid.
Aren't there any doubts about your competence in your wording, the uncertainty expressed by the phrases: "I have not fully understood...", "I doubt...", "I am not a big expert in this matter..."? It is better to remove such phrases, since the author of the essay should demonstrate that he/she has thoroughly understood the problem. If the essay contains a thesis statement, mention it in the conclusion, but try to present it in some new form. The same applies to the question posed in the paper that needs to be answered.

Work hard on the last sentences, because they should sound very expressive and effective. Perhaps you will touch some feelings of the readers, call them to a specific action, cause a smile with an ironic phrase or surprise them with an apt statement. But be very careful not to spoil the work with the final phrase. A graceful expression must be in harmony with the whole work, otherwise it will look pretentious and give the reader the impression that you have no taste.
What shouldn't be in the conclusion
The conclusion is the finale of your little creation and should impress the reader, not be a dumping ground for empty or abstruse ideas. Here are some elements that impair the perception of the conclusion:

Complicated phrases. Overly ornate, intricate sentences are not very appropriate in a conclusion. The finale of the essay should impress the reader, not bore or even put him or her to sleep, so high-flown and difficult-to-understand phrases are better left in the main part of the work.

New information. In the conclusion, you should summarize the work, and not overload the reader with new data. If at the end to bring new facts, figures, to introduce new discoveries, the reader will begin to think about them, and eventually will be left with a sense of incompleteness of your work. The same applies to theoretical calculations and lengthy quotations. It is best to move them to the main part of the work.

Secondary information. Conclusion should not be reduced to arguments on abstract topics. This will only distract the reader from the main idea of the essay and leave him or her with the question, "What was this work about anyway?" From the conclusion you should boldly remove all empty arguments, long speech patterns, numerous pathos statements, insignificant information and hackneyed phrases
The finishing touches
After you finish writing the conclusion, do a paper writing services review. As you read, you will know if the end of the essay harmonizes with the introduction and the main body of the paper, and if there is anything important you may have missed..

While reading the work right after writing it, your mind may just skip whole sentences and paragraphs, believing that enough time has already been spent on it. For this reason, it is better to read your work one more time in the morning, then you will be able to eliminate the shortcomings and make the work a little bit brighter.
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