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Scania Streamline 2013 (5 Cards)

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Engine in Scania Streamline 2013
Streamline is not only a new design and a fight for interest, but above all it is a new flagship eight! Scania has introduced the joker in its deck, a new 16.4-liter V8 engine with 730 hp. complying with the environmental requirements of Euro 6. At the moment, the only engine of its kind in the world that complies with such strict standards. This unit will soon be available in Europe. In the meantime, the automotive world froze in anticipation of what Scania will answer in a dispute with its eternal opponents from Gothenburg. From unofficial sources it became known that the retaliatory move will take place this fall.

Scania has presented a whole range of new engines. The second generation of Euro 6 450 and 490 hp engines. outperforms previous models in savings of 2%. European customers have the opportunity to choose one of nine Euro 6 engines, ranging from 9-liter 250 hp. and ending with a V8 engine of 580 hp. As mentioned above, engines with increased power will appear later. In addition, two gas engines are available that can run on both compressed (CNG) and liquefied (LNG) natural gas.

Another very interesting 410 hp engine. with., was developed to comply with the Euro 6 standard only through the use of SCR (SCR technology of Selective Catalytic Reduction based on the injection of AdBlue reagent into the exhaust gas stream). It uses a constant geometry turbocharger and throttle valve. The absence of EGR piping allows for simplified auxiliary systems and even saves up to 40 kg in weight compared to engines equipped with EGR and SCR, but the latter requires less AdBlue. According to the TacomaTruck.Repair( truck repair service, engines without a system are new engines without EGR systems less prone to breakage and easier to maintain.

The exhaust gas aftertreatment system remains unchanged. 13-liter engine 410 hp with. provides maximum torque throughout the entire speed range, starting from 1000 rpm. The engine is about 3% more economical than the 400 hp engine. with. Euro 5 standard with EGR.

At this point, it is worth considering separately the cars and equipment that will be delivered to the domestic client from July 1, 2013. Scania Streamline is positioned by the manufacturer as a long-haul tractor. Scania Streamline delivered to us with R Highline cab will receive Euro 4 and Euro 5 engines with SCR system with 400, 440 and 500 hp, and with G Highline cab - 400 and 440 hp. A higher cabin can also be ordered.
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Salon in Scania Streamline 2013

The package includes a coffee machine, a rear storage compartment with a refrigerator for 19 liters in G and 27 liters in R, curtains, a folding table, external storage boxes in the side walls of the cab (in G - on one side, in R - on two) ... There is a special door trim, high storage shelves above the windshield and new block headlights - fog and high beam with halogen lamps.

The equipment includes an electric sunroof and a key fob with remote control of external lights. Carriers will also receive a Medium music system on G - and Premium for R-cabins, a dashboard with soft surfaces and decorative films.

The radiator grille for the G-series is painted in the same colour as the cab. All of the above equipment is included in the basic package. Compared to the previous line of long-haul tractors, the rise in price will be only about 3%, and then due to the introduction of a utilization fee. This has its own charm, the cars will be of foreign assembly, hotly adored by our customer.

Scania has developed a new range of premium seats that combine ease of use, comfort and appearance with traditional Scania ergonomics. Recaro took part in the development.

A new anti-rollback system for drum brakes is available for 6x4, 8x4 and 8x8 trucks equipped with drum brakes. Activated by a dedicated switch on the panel and lasts for 3 seconds after releasing the brake pedal. With it, the driver will have enough time to get under way, allowing you to avoid dangerous situations even on very steep sections.

A new pneumatic suspension level control system has been developed. Two modes of operation are possible: basic and fast, which is suitable for frequent use. Another new feature is load management when it is distributed between the three axles of the rear bogie. This is a two-step process: first, the load is transferred to the non-driving auxiliary rear axle, and then distributed between the axles of the rear bogie to provide additional traction.
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Salon in Scania Streamline 2013 / part 2
If you are still not tired of my story, then for the most patient I have a couple more surprises in store from Scania! To reduce the risks of running out of electricity and the inability to start the starter, the company has developed a new system with two sets of batteries. It is mainly intended for high power consumption applications, but it is also capable of guaranteeing trouble-free operation in any area of transportation. Instead of the traditional two 12 V batteries connected in series, four different types of maintenance-free batteries are installed.

Two starter batteries type AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) are designed to provide instant inrush current. Their charge is maintained at the maximum level and is used exclusively for starting the engine. And two gels that can withstand deep discharge cycles. They are used to power the rest of the truck's systems: lights, heating systems, etc., and are completely separate from the starter circuit. The new set is more compact than the standard set of 2 batteries and can be installed in a standard compartment.

For the Streamline tractors, for the first time in automotive practice, Scania has proposed hiding the AdBlue tanks inside the frame. The tanks are installed in an inconspicuous place in the left frame side member, leaving space for an additional fuel tank or other equipment. The variety of sizes and shapes allows you to choose the most suitable option.
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Salon in Scania Streamline 2013 / part 3
No matter how companies strive to automate the process of driving a truck, until recently the key role is still played by a human driver. Traditionally, Scania is doing everything it can to optimize the business, namely live communication with Scania Fleet Management. Scania Communicator is installed as standard in most countries and provides all machine data. For better fleet management, powerful tools are presented to ensure uninterrupted communication between the driver and the office, as well as between the office and the service centre.

Driving a 60-ton road train with a robotic gearbox is not so difficult, I can tell you. At least on the asphalt, even plentifully watered with rain. The movement, the geometry of the turn, everything is at the level of a standard road train, well, maybe you have to take a little more when entering a sharp turn. There is no doubt that with a certain amount of experience you will get used to the car and the size will be at the subconscious level.

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Engine 490 HP Euro 6 is not the strongest in the lineup, but even it made it possible to feel confident behind the wheel, the car confidently and smoothly accelerated. But it is not enough to give acceleration to the coupling, the main thing is to stop it in time, there are no problems with this either. The braking distance was even shorter than that of a conventional hitch. The power of the engine brake (256 kW at 2400 rpm) was enough to pull the road train loaded downhill almost to a full stop without resorting to the service brakes. Of course, for complete happiness, you need to experience all the delights of winter driving, drive to the base, the second, the third. Perhaps then my optimism will diminish, but for now I am thinking in which direction to move and where to start, so that the 25-meter couplings go along our roads.
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