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Email Marketing (5 Cards)

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Expanding Reach
I am just writing about on e-mail marketing in this article. This post is some examples of coordinating traditional media with e-mail marketing in holiday sales campaigns.

Expanding Reach

Maximizing your (ROI) by balancing the number and demographics of recipients with cost per piece is a well-established practice in traditional direct marketing. Integrating e-mail adds another dimension to the mix.

Broaden a campaign to a larger number of recipients using e-mail's cost-effectiveness and precision. Increase focus on key segments by combining print only, e-mail only, and print plus e-mail to further improve campaign effectiveness.

There are so many different ways you can expand your email client base. To do this more effectively, it is better to use specialized tools. There is also a lot of useful information on the Internet on how to generate more leads. The good thing is that you can find your potential customers even in social networks. One of the best social networks for finding customers is LinkedIn. To find some emails on Linkedin, you can use special tools for this. GetProspect extention is one such tool for finding emails. This extension will help you quickly and efficiently replenish your contact base.
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When running multiphase campaigns, enable crossover between media. Make use of user preferences. For instance, ask people which medium they prefer. Apply business rules based on behavior and implied preferences. If an e-mail address starts bouncing, switch that person to print. If she doesn't respond to print, send her e-mail.
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Testing and Gradual Improvement

Use e-mail to rapidly and cost-effectively test different offers and promotions. Use split testing or A-B testing to zero in on a message that gives the best results. Pay Per Click campaigns are another venue for rapid split testing to achieve the desired ROI. Over time, using these testing methods will increase your marketing effectiveness. Although short term improvements may be small, over time these small improvements result in significant improvements in your marketing campaigns. Once you have a winning e-mail campaign, use it for your print campaigns as well. However, remember that switching to another medium introduces a new variable, which can throw off test results. To minimize this outcome, use this technique for factors that are less affected by presentation. You can also use sample groups to pretest and identify variances in the response rates between print and e-mail campaigns.
Tracking Results

Evaluating success requires campaign result to be tracked and analyzed. An e-mail supporting a catalog may not meet your standard response requirements on its own, but its effect on catalog sales may be significant. Similarly, a postcard to a person whose e-mail is bouncing may not produce the direct marketing return on investment normally required.

Start Planning Now!

If your holiday campaigns aren't well under way yet, get started now! And as you plan your holiday campaigns, look for new ways to integrate your media. Play to the strengths of each, and respond to recipients' preferences (both explicit and implied) to improve the customer experience and maximize your overall success.
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Published: 13.10.2021
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