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How to find good reviews? (5 Cards)

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How to find the best educational website?
Creating Boundaries

Jane wrote, "I find it difficult trying to balance work and home. Since I am at home, all the normal jobs still fall in my lap. My time is so chopped up that it is frustrating. I am hoping to find some helpful advice in your book." It's really hard to work at home, so many writers really tired to work for essaytyper com and other kind of writing services, where students are used to buy their works for cheap and for fast!

Mary's response: I believe you will find help in the book, Jane. In fact, one whole section is devoted to "Saving Your Sanity," which includes tips for facing a work day that is chopped up and filled with interruptions. Here are a few ideas to help as you're waiting for the book.
•Set office hours if you can. This has gotten easier for me as my children age. It's been especially helpful for me this summer. Knowing I'll be in the office from 8-11 gives me the peace of mind that I need since I know some work will actually get done! And my kids know they need to keep themselves busy while I work.
•Use child care as necessary. I used to hire neighborhood babysitters to come to my home and play with my kids for a couple of hours at a time, a few days a week. This way I knew I'd get uninterrupted time to work which made it less frustrating on the days when my work was chopped into little pieces.
•Ask for help. I'm lousy at this because it's just easier to do everything myself. But my kids have been great this summer helping launder towels, fold clothes, empty the dishwasher, etc. I know that I gain time in my work day when I don't have to do everything myself. Even young children can help with small chores of their own.
•Chunk your work. I've found that it's helpful to chunk my work, i.e. do similar things at the same time. Sometimes this means getting up early, reporting to my office, getting my paid work done first, then turning my attention to household chores. And sometimes, honestly, it means getting my paid work done and putting the chores off for another day. This isn't ideal, but I've recognized that some days I simply have to choose between work and home. Some days work wins out and some days home does. It helps to take a big-picture view of integrating home and work rather than beating yourself up because a chore didn't get done today. As Scarlett O'Hara said, "Tomorrow is another day."
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