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Mobile Technology
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varishthabklink (5)
Services / Education,Beauty,Technology
From: varishthabklink
Digital Literacy (15)
Technology / Digital Literacy
From: CoboCards-User   Institution: Vaughn International Studies Academy
Tags: exhibit, marginalized, multi-modal, expert, broad audience, mutually, tactfully, strategically, primary, engaging, network, retrospective, first-hand, execute, delineates
mLearning (5)
Technology / mlearning
From: CoboCards-User
Parts of a Computer (8)
Technology / Parts of a Computer
From: CoboCards-User   Institution: University at Albany
Open car transport services (5)
Technology / Transportation
From: CoboCards-User
Tags: vehicle shipping company, vehicle shipping service, auto shipping, car transport, car transporter, open car transport
Pixel Global IT (5)
information technology / SEO
From: pixelglobalitseo
Tags: SEO Services
TC abbreviations (39)
Technical Design / Abbreviations
From: valchang   Institution: Fashion Institute of Technology
Tags: TC341
Stitches & Seams (24)
Technical Design / Sewing
From: valchang   Institution: Fashion Institute of Technology
Mobilkommunikation (70)
Informatik / Mobilkommunikation
From: init7   Institution: LMU
Tags: K├╝pper WS0809
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