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What happen to card answered over 4 times in a row?

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  1. i-energy

    What will happen if I answered a particular flash card over 4 times in a row?

    Currently, the setting of Leitner for cobocards is as follow.

    Not known = Always
    Half known = 12 hours later
    Level 1 = 1 day later
    Level 2 = 3 days later
    Level 3 = 10 days later
    Level 4 = 30 days later

    I notice that if I answered a card correctly over 4 times, it always stay in Level 4.
    Does it mean that a card will always be rescheduled a maximum interval of 30 days even if you have answered that card over 4 times in a row?

    I hope we have option to increase level as I high as Level 10.

    Posted 8 years ago #
  2. He ienergy

    Yes, that's what would happen.
    So, you would like to raise the levels

    5 = 60 days
    6 = 120 days
    7 = 360 days

    Something like that?

    Posted 8 years ago #
  3. i-energy

    Thanks for the reply, Tamim. That's exactly what I want for Cobocards - increase the level so that the maximum interval would be at least 360 days. I have been using two softwares that uses Leitner method. Both have 10 boxes. So I wondered why Cobocards allow only 5 boxes. (Can Pro-user raise the level?)

    A member named "Equilibrium" posted a similar question a year ago with title "Leitner-Algorithmus". Unfortunately, the post is in german but thanks to online translator, I was able to understand a bit. My only comment is that: as we know, card that is troubling us is shown more often and card that is easy is shown less often - in this method, it is possible to remember facts for years. Therefore, a maximum of 30 days interval is too close.

    Posted 8 years ago #


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